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TeamViewer v9.0.24322 Premium Multilanguage + Crack

TeamViewer v9.0.24322 Premium Multilanguage

TeamViewer v9.0.24322 Premium Manager is an optional database tool that stores your partner details in a database that can also be shared over a network with other supporters . It also includes a sophisticated recording and reporting functions for your own communications . Director of the program is included only in the TeamViewer Premium licenses or higher . Without obtaining a license , this download is limited to a total of five partners and may be used for the purposes of the trial.

Remote Control without Installation:

, With program TeamViewer you can remotely control any PC anywhere on the Internet. No installation is required , just run the application on both sides and connect – even through tight firewalls .

Remote viewing of products, solutions and services :

And allows setting – the second TeamViewer you for submitting your desktop to a partner . Show your demos , products and presentations over the Internet within seconds – live from your screen.

File Transfer:

- Program TeamViewer comes with integrated file transfer that allows you to copy files and folders to and from a remote partner – which also works behind firewalls.

Works behind firewalls :

- The main difficulties in the use of remote control software and firewalls and blocked ports , as well as NAT routing for local IP addresses . , And if you use TeamViewer you do not have to worry about firewalls : TeamViewer will find a route to your partner.

Highest Security Standard:

- Program TeamViewer is a very secure solution . TeamViewer versions of commercial software feature completely secure data channels with the exchange and RC4 session encoding key , the same security standard used by https / SSL.

No installation required :

To install TeamViewer is there’s no need for administrator rights . Just run the software and off you go …

High performance :

Optimized for connections over local networks and the Internet , TeamViewer features automatic based on bandwidth good selection for optimal use on any connection .

Download (20 MB) :

Link1     or     Link2     or     Link3     or     Link4     or     Link5     

or     [MIRROR]

Password: www.H4ck3rCracks.com


1. Install TeamViewer 9.
2. Completely exit the program.
3. Copy the files from Crack folder to installation directory.[ C:\Program Files\TeamViewer\Version9\ ]
4. Run the program.

If You Need Help Comment below :)

Naruto Shippuden Dragon Blade Chronicles PC Game

Naruto Shippuden Dragon Blade Chronicles

Naruto Shippuden Dragon Blade Chronicles: The story is loosely based on the Itachi Pursuit Arc, and seems to take place shortly after its beginning. Naruto's half of the story is more original to the game, and revolves around a small squad of Konohagakure ninja attempting to stop Kuroma Tatsushiro, one of the last members of the ancient Dragon Gods, from unleashing and taking the power of the Genryū, five eternal dragons originally sealed in Mount Koryū, for revenge. To do so, Naruto must slay each Genryu with the ancient Dragon Blade, given to him by Kuroma's younger sister, Akari.
For Sasuke's half of the story, on the other hand, he has already formed Hebi by the time the story begins, in order to hunt down and kill Itachi. However, his efforts are hindered by Akatsuki's attempts to capture the Genryu that Kuroma has summoned for their own purposes. Throughout the story, the player either plays as Naruto or Sasuke along their journey, utilising their respective blades and team members' abilities to fight through various levels.
Almost all characters have scrolls attached to their new clothing. In terms of game play, these scrolls are used to perform jutsu of an elemental nature that is not natural to the user, or to enhance the power of techniques that the user already knows. For instance: Naruto can use Earth Release, Water Release, Fire Release, and Lightning Release, all of which are not of his elemental nature. The armour that the characters don is to protect their chakra system from the environment of Mount Koryu, which normally has the mysterious effect of rendering people unable to use their chakra and fight.

for more read at Naruto Wikipedia .

Screen Shots:

Naruto Shippuden Dragon Blade Chronicles Screen Shot 1

Naruto Shippuden Dragon Blade Chronicles Screen Shot 2

Naruto Shippuden Dragon Blade Chronicles Screen Shot 3

System Requirements :

HD: 2 GB
RAM: 512 MB
Processor: 2.8 GHz or Above
Graphic Support: Normal

Game Info:

Size: 1.15 GB
Method: Direct Install & play


[PART I]     AND    [PART II]


[PART I]     AND    [PART II]


1 - Download both part1 and part2 select both and right click now press Extract Here .(Use Winrar)
2 - Install the .exe 
3 - Play from Desktop
4 - For setting up Controls Tools -> Game pad Settings , Enjoy  -.0

Avast 2014 Antivirus 9 + Key

Avast 2014 free
Avast! Antivirus is a full-featured antivirus package designed exclusively for home and non-commercial use.
With this release of Avast 9 and the implementation of the Hardened Mode, I can safely say that it can now be recommended for Advanced And Novice users. Bit defender Free still remains as a highly recommended Free AV for anyone.
The previous 8 real time scanners in Avast have been integrated into only 3 scanners, Files, Web and e-Mail with a lot less settings to be maintained.
DeepScreen has replaced AutoSandbox component to better fulfill the purpose. It is designed to clear all code obfuscating the true intentions of malware. When a file is labeled as suspicious, it is launched and analyzed in the sandbox Some of Features are.
  • A standalone layer of protection, designed for novice users only is the Hardened Mode. 
  • Avast includes standard resident protection, 
  • P2P and IM shields,
  • Network shield (against worms etc.), 
  • Web shield (http traffic monitoring), 
  • Automatic updates, 
  • Virus chest and Virus cleaner.

Screen Shot :

Avast 2014 Screenshot

Info About Download:

Size : 81.1 MB
File : Avast free Antivirus 2014
Status : Zipped (Extract Using Winrar)


Link1     or     Link2     or     Link3     or     Link4     or     Link5     
or     [MIRROR]

Instructions :

1 - Download From any of the above Link, and Extract it.
2 - Turn of Internet connections.
3 - Start Set up and install it.
4 - Open Antivirus and go to offline registration and Use This Key To Activate :


5 - Restart Your PC and Enjoy Free Avast.

Nero 15.0 Platinum 2014 + Key

Nero 15.0 Platinum

Nero 15.0 Platinum is Still on the top Reviewed about burning suites , but version 15 it is more than just a burner it has enhanced use interface to easy-to-use and it also include Video/Audio Converters,Editors, and many other Features with such an Affordable Price 130$  109$. If You Want To Buy it Here it is.

Features :

  • More Affordable Price
  • Plays Blu-ray movies
  • Includes Expensive Editors (Free)
  • Plain & 3D playback Supported
  • Full Screen Display In Windows 8 (Love it)
  • More.

Nero 15.0 In Windows 8
Looks Great is Windows 8 !!
Our H4ck3r Cracks Team Will Provide it For Free So Don't Worry but Don't forget to say thanks .

Download (277 MB) :

Link1     or     Link2     or     Link3     or     Link4     or     Link5     
or     [MIRROR]

Instructions :

1 - Install Nero 15.0 Platinum from any of above the above Link.
2 - Extract it and Read Further Instructions from Instructions.txt file .

Key If Needed : 


Keep Visiting  and thanks for downloading .

FIFA 14 PC Game Direct Download


FIFA 14 PC game is one of the latest series of 2013 released on September 24, 2013 , for the first time FIFA 14 is come up with the features to connect users online and enjoy their sports with friends and siblings thanks to EA SPORTS Football Club .

FIFA 14 is the one of the top ranked sports game of football. Here is some of game info :

FIFA 14 PC Game cover

  •  Released : September 24, 2013
  •  Genre: Sports
  •  Developer: EA Games Canada
  •  Size Of Games : 6.34 GB
  •  Method Of Download : Direct Download Links

Screen Shots :

FIFA 14 PC Game Screen Shot 1

FIFA 14 PC Game Screen Shot 2

FIFA 14 PC Game Screen Shot 3

System Requirements :

  • OS: Windows Vista SP1 / Windows 7/8
  • RAM: 2GB RAM for Windows Vista & Windows 7/8
  • CPU: 1.8 GHz Core 2 Duo
  • Disc Drive: DVD-ROM at 8x Speed
  • HD: 8.0 GB or more
  • Video: 3D accelerated 256 MB video card 
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c Compatible or updated
  • DirectX: 9.0c

Download :

*Download Both Parts

Instructions :

  1. - Download Both parts and place then on the same folder.
  2. - Open part1.exe with admin rights and install it properly .
  3. - Now Run Your Game From Desktop 

Note : Game is Cracked by NosTeam , if Links Are Not Working Kindly comment  !

Internet Download Manager (IDM) 6.18 Build 2 Full

IDM 6.18 Build 2

Internet Download Manager abbreviated as IDM have its new version 6.18 Build 2 on Oct 09, 2013 just exactly 3 days after the release of 6.18 Build 1 Version How Much is changes are made in this particular version ? Lets see

In IDM 6.18 :

  1. Support For High DPI Settings
  2. Catch the Download Links of https type from google chrome
  3. Resolved the issue for download button on https type video / audio links in google chrome
  4. and fixed Several bugs

In IDM 6.18 Build 2:

  1. All of Build 1 features includes Furthermore,
  2. Resolved issues with current google chrome 30 update 
  3. Resolved download Links issues for several File sharing sites

Download (7 MB) :

Link1     or     Link2     or     Link3     or     Link4     or     Link5     

or     [MIRROR]

Complete Installation :

1 - Download From any of the above Link , Unzip it and Install the IDM 6.18 build 2.

Install IDM

NEXT --> NEXT --> [Check Create Your Desktop Icon ] NEXT --> NEXT --> Finish

*Don't Worry If You get 'A Fake Serial message' its normal click Cancel / close

2 - Exit IDM from task bar and kill all process of Internet download manager from 'Task Manager'(you can open it by right clicking on task bar) .

Task Manager Open

in My Case I Don't Get any Process of IDM , but you have to check it ! , if there exist any then Right Click and Press 'Kill Process' or 'Kill Process Tree' .

3 - Go TO 'Crack' Folder and and Copy IDMan.exe ,

Copy IDMan.exe

Now Paste / replace it in the installed folder of IDM like mine was C:\Program Files\Internet Download Manager (well it may take different names sometimes 'Tonec')

Replace the Patched IDMan.exe

if it asks for admin rights just Press Continue / Yes .

4 - Now Go Back to 'Crack' folder and open RUN-x64 or RUN-x86 depending on your operating system ,in my case I'll open RUN-x86 because my system is 32 bit .

Merge The Suitable Registry with IDM

if it asks for admin rights click 'YES' and 'YES' again then 'OK' .

5 - Open the IDM from desktop with admin rights and you got it done .

Hope You Faced No Problem and still you got stuck then just Comment  ;)

Windows XP/7/8 USB Complete installation

USB is the most affordable device nowadays, and the most thing about it that it is Portable . Unlike CD's / DVD's , USB don't get scratches and its lifetime is longer that CD's / DVD's .

Today Tutorial we are going to install Windows 7 through USB . But you can also install Windows 8 / XP Using the same Trick and Tool !

What We Need ?

  • USB (4GB or Above)
  • Windows 7 USB Installer By Microsoft
  • Windows XP/7/8  .iso file or CD/DVD
  • Patience 

Quick Overview : We will install the tool , if We Have CD/DVD of window We Will make an ISO file of it and Browse that ISO file in Windows 7 USB Installer and Insert USB drive (USB Should be formatted) .Let the rest of process to Tool and after message "Backup Complete " . Just Restart the PC , set the Priority of Execution by Pressing F11 / F12 to USB and again restart the PC Now Press F8 and install the window.

Tutorial :

1 -  Create ISO file : if you have CD/DVD of windows then install BurnAware Free Tool ,and make an ISO file from it or if you don't have disk You can Download Windows ISO from Here .

2 - Install Windows 7 USB installer : Download and install Windows 7 USB Installer free tool .it looks like :

Windows 7 USB installer

3 - Browse The Windows (ISO) : Click on browse and assign it the iso file of the windows and Click 'Next'

Browse The Windows (ISO)

4 - Burn DVD or Make USB Bootable : Sometimes You Have ISO file and You want to burn that Windows XP/7/8 ISO file on DVD / CD , then here is the right option You Can Click 'DVD' if you want or just keep going By Clicking 'USB' .

BURN DVD or Make USB Bootable

5 - Selecting USB Drive : Plug-in your USB flash drive you have not inserted it , and Click On 'Begin Copying' .

Selecting USB Drive

(Optional) Format USB Request : if your USB flash drive is not formatted then this tool will give you a Request box to format it Click 'Erace USB Device' .

Format USB Request

Click 'YES' to  continue or 'No' to Cancel Format .

6 - Wait For Program To Prepare USB : Wait for 10 to 20 minutes for the tool to make usb bootable .

Wait For Program To Prepare USB

7 - Time To Install Windows: After the completion you'll get message 'Backup Completed' .

Now The origninal Work Starts Follow Below Steps Very Carefully :

Set boot priority to USB :

  • [QUICK WAY] We Need to Set boot priority to USB , one of the easiest way is restart the PC / Laptop and Start Pressing F11 + F12 keys you should get the priority box and you can set top priority to USB Flash Drive .
[SLOW WAY] Set boot priority to USB Through Bios : Restart Window and Press F2 / DEL / Any key written below on black screen to Enter The 'Settings' .

Note : Bios Interface Varies from system to system but try to read instructions below and my instructions .

USE  and   arrows to scroll to 'Boot' Menu , as - / + to change values set 'Removable Device' as on top .

Scroll To 'Exit' And Enter to 'Exit Saving Changes' .

BIOS : Exit Saving Changes

Enter / Press 'YES' If Prompted .

Plug-in USB if not inserted and Restart PC / Laptop it will automatically Boot USB Drive .

*Very Important Note : If You Use BIOS Method you need to set your priority to the 'CD-ROM' as top after the installation of the window from USB . Repeat the method of BIOS .

BIOS : Priority to CD-ROM

we have successfully installed our Windows XP/7/8 installation .any problem regarding the post will be treated with pleasure don't forget to share your ideas in comments and this post on social networks .

Hotspot Shield 2013 + Lifetime Patch Trick

cover Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield a Most trusted VPN Service Worldwide . More Than 150 Million Customers Satisfied .
its a Premium tool to keep you save throughout the internet experience and everything you download or use will be confidential no need to Worry About Security Leaks .


  • Ranked 9.5/10 On CNET
  • 9.5/10 on Softonic

*Reviewed By Many famous newspapers & Sites


  • Change IP 
  • Malware Block
  • User Friendly Environment
  • and many more

Download :

Installation + Lifetime Patch Trick :

1 - Download the trial (any version) from official site & Install it.
2 - Download  & Install Adblock Add-on for your browser .
3 - Now open Hotspot Shield(any version) with admin rights .
4 - Make Sure it is connected , then open your browser , and Enjoy Hotspot Shield elite without any adds .

Hope This Little Weird Trick Will Helped Lot . 

GTA IV (Vice City) Highly Compressed 240 MB

Cover GTA Vice City

GTA IV (Vice City) a very old but a perfect game from Rockstar Games  , GTA IV (Vice City) is one of the most playable game since 2011 till now . GTA IV (Vice City) is not the only edition of GTA games its Series Start from GTA I to GTA VI  , but Till Now its GTA V was missing , but in 2013 GTA V has been released and It will be Posted in H4ck3rCracks .

GTA IV (Vice City) Is already posted on H4ck3rCracks but , here we are going to Share the Highly Compressed Version Of it .

Normal Size : 1.45 GB
Compressed Size : 240 MB

You Can See The Difference Yourself . it can also work as Your GTA IV (Vice City) Portable edition , by pressing CTRL + D .

System Requirements :

  • Processor : 800 MHz or More
  • RAM : 128+
  • H.D : 2GB
  • Graphics : Direct x9 or update supported

Screen Shots :

Screen Shot 1 GTA IV (Vice City)

Screen Shot 2 GTA IV (Vice City)

Screen Shot 3 GTA IV (Vice City)

Download :

Link1     or     Link2     or     Link3     or     Link4     or     Link5     
or     [MIRROR]

Password = www.H4ck3rCracks.com

Instructions :

1 - Download Using Any of above Link & Unzip the rar File using password as www.H4ck3rCracks.com
2 - Go To The Folder and open '_Unzip.bat' with admin rights .
3 - Now wait for few minutes , after that it would give you pop up 'yes'  or 'no' just Click on yes/ok .
4 - And Now Play You Game from that same folder .

I Don't compressed this game , this game is just share and hope you will keep sharing Thank You .

Facebook All Emotions & Smiley's Cheat Codes 2013

Assalam-0-Alaikum ,

In Facebook there Exist Zillions of Facebook Emotions but very few of us knows how to extract them , so today i am going to Share You Guys Some Facebook Emotions Codes for chat that i've found .

DriverMax 7.15 Final

DriverMax Professional 7.15 Fina

DriverMax 7.15 Final is software that is used to re-install Windows drivers, so DriverMax 7.15 Final free allows you to reinstall all the drivers were not detected by Windows. using DriverMax 7.15 Final you no longer need to search for rare drivers on discs or on the web or insert one installation CD. Because you simply use DriverMax 7.15 Final, you will be able to do the job to export the drivers you select by copying the needed files to a folder or a compressed ZIP file. Get it here DriverMax 7.15 Final for free.


  • Printers.
  • Video adapters.
  • Network cards.
  • Sound cards.
  • Low-bandwidth I/O buses of various sorts (pointing devices such as mice, keyboards, USB, etc).
  • Computer storage devices such as hard disk, CD-ROM and floppy disk buses (ATA, SATA, SCSI).
  • Implementing support for different file systems.
  • Implementing support for image scanners and digital cameras.
  • Local buses of various sorts – in particular, for bus mastering on modern systems.
  • Choosing and installing the correct device drivers for given hardware is often a key component of computer system configuration.

Download :

Link1     or     Link2     or     Link3     or     Link4     or     Link5     
or     [MIRROR]

Password : www.H4ck3rCracks.com

Instructions + Registration :

1 - Download From any of the above link & unzip .pass = www.H4ck3rCracks.com
2 - Install the tool . Click >>Next>>Decline>>Next>>Next>>Next
3 - Now Click On Any Download Button, Pop Up Says You Have To Create an Account click ok .

4 - Next "I would Like To Create new Account" (Don't Worry Its Free) .
5 - Now Fill Form With Your Info and click Next .
6 - You'll Get a Verification email , Verify that account .
7 - After Done , Just Download Whatever Driver You Want From DriverMax and install it ! .

How to install NEW iOS 7 Without a Dev account or UDID


Step 1: If you don't have the latest official iOS version for your device, you will need to download it. This will be iOS 6.1.4 for iPhone 5 and iOS 6.1.4 for all other supported devices: iPhone, iPod, iPad and Firmware/Software Download

Step 2: Download iOS 7 for your device: 

Step 3: Make sure your device is connected via USB and open up iTunes on restore hit the shift and left mouse click buttons down together this will allow you to manually search for the iOS you downloaded for iPhone 5 you would select iOS 6.1.4 for all other devices you would select iOS 6.1.3

Step 4: Once the device has restored make sure to setup as new and that you get to the home screen.

Step 5: Now on the Check for updates button hit shift and left mouse click down together this time you need to select iOS 7 for your device now when the device finishes updating it will be on iOS 7 activated.

IMPORTANT the device will work as normal you can Sync from a saved backup install apps etc... also you will be able to OTA all the upcoming beta's.

Hope This Quick Share Helped ! Keep Visiting and Be Calm :p

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express is a set of free tools from Visual Studio product line which offers new integrated development environment, a new editor built in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and support for the new .NET Framework 4 for non-professional developers like hobbyists, students and novice developers who want to build dynamic Windows applications, Web sites, and Web services. In essence, Visual Studio 2010 Express is the lightweight version of Visual Studio 2010.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express product consist of:

Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition – Productivity that is ideal for first time or casual Windows programming
Visual C# 2008 Express Edition – A great combination of power and productivity for the Windows developer
Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition – Horsepower with a finer degree of control than other Express Editions
Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition – An easy-to-use environment for dynamic Web application development
SQL Server 2008 Express and SQL Server Compact Edition – A powerful and easy-to-use set of databases to complement each Express Edition

Features of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express:

  • Supports the new .NET Framework 4.
  • Have a new integrated development environment (IDE) including a new Windows Presentation Framework
  • code editor.
  • Have multi-monitor support as well as part of the new IDE.
  • New streamlined user experience that focuses on the most common commands by hiding some of the more advanced menus and toolbars. These are easily accessible by users via the Tools / Settings menu.
  • New Start Page.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express missing quite a bit of features such as MFC or ATL, and lacks Windows GUI libraries and includes files. It means that users probably can’t develop Windows GUI application using the Express edition.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express is free forever, and there are no licensing restrictions for applications built using Visual Studio Express Editions.

Download :

Torrent (ISO)  :

You Need Utorrent or Bittorrent to download From magnet Link

[MAGNET LINK](693.66 MB)

Direct Download :

[OFFICIAL ISO]     or     [Web Installer]

Instructions (MUST READ) :

1 - Download the iso file using magnet link or Official or web installer .
2 - Now Burn that ISO on Virtual Disk Using Daemon Tools .
3 - Just Autoplay the Virtual Disk or , run Setup in that disk and install the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express .
4 - You Don't Need To Give Any Registration Key ! , But If Still It Requires Try These :

Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express Key: 2KQT8-HV27P-GTTV9-2WBVV-M7X96
Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Express Key: PQT8W-68YB2-MPY6C-9JV9X-42WJV
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express Key: 6VPJ7-H3CXH-HBTPT-X4T74-3YVY7
Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2010 Express Key: CY8XP-83P66-WCF9D-G3P42-K2VG3

Installing using ISO file means Offline Install , and offline install method don't requires Registration !

5 - After Done Run From Desktop / Start Menu .

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