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SpeedUpMyPC 2012 - 2013 (Full Version) for Free

What does this software do?

Find Solution For pc:

SpeedUpMyPC scans your computer to identify slowdown issues hindering speed, before wielding a powerful range of tools to optimize your system for improved performance. Slowdown issues, such as invalid registry entries are removed and unused processes deactivated to free up space. The result is a computer that works faster and better.


Download SpeedUpMyPC 2011:   

Now the Game Begins: (How To Crack)

1) Install It and Click on Scan Now as shown:

2) After scanning click on Fix Now as shown:

3) And Then it will offer you to fix 4 errors , click on it.

4) NOW Goto Task manager>Proccess>Show Proccess of All Users and then choose the following proccess.

5) Right Click On Following proccess given above and click on >>End Process Tree<< .

6) Now ensure your sppeduppc programe is closed, Goto start menu open run and Type there >>regedit<< click open Now a new window pop out.

7) Now Press CTRL + F or directely goto :


Now a small box appears.

8) Hmm unchecked all three options except >>Values<< and type >>FreeFixesAplied<<< in the field and Click Ok, as shown:

Now Next Window Should Looks Like:

9) Now we are going to make our license file ,, Right click on free space and click

NEW>String Value

name that new file to >> license << and then it should looks like:

10) Double click on license and write the name on which you want to register the product :p i have typed h4ck3rjutt as seen:

and click ok

Now you,ve just Done open your SpeedUpPc and then click about you will see your shinning name on which product is registered. :p as my:

You might be able to find a working Serial but it will be Blacklisted by Uniblue in a couple of days.

(Didn't work?): If it didn't work, go back to FC (in registry) and make sure everything is in place. the "License string value, you created, PROBABLY won't be there.

So re-make it, name it "License" double click it, and put anything for value data. (As shown in the Video.)

SP 2011 might go unregistered after a couple days. If that happens just re-do the process.

Now be good and have good enjoy , Comment share and join


  1. thanks thanks thanks.... working :D

  2. WOW THANKS :D May i share this ?

  3. with pleasure :) but don't copy my content on any other site , you know its , intense hard work :p

  4. Thank you Bro.. you are a life saver :D

  5. oh my god ! Thanks you <3

  6. Oh god thank you so much, I swear I was looking all over for something to help me. ;____; THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  7. Thank you Bro!!

  8. After doing this, I am not able to press the repair button at the bottom after it finished scanning? Is this new, or am I missing something? Help!

  9. but it is not renaming as License ......it says that this file is already there and cant be created....... what to do??


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