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Email Verifier + Crack and Patch

Email Verifier is a powerful email validation application to verify your contacts and keep your mailing lists clean. This utility cleans up your mailing lists, Windows Address Book, Microsoft Outlook Contacts, and external databases.

Email Verifier checks all email addresses from a mailing list, text file, Exel, selected database, and removes all invalid email addresses.

It is important to keep your mailing lists clean. List hygiene will help you avoid sending out newsletters to invalid addresses. Otherwise you'll get tons of bounced messages. It's not a secret that ISP mail servers block a sender's IP for recurring sending to invalid email addresses.

Key Features:

  • Fast: is able to validate about 50 000 addresses per hour
  • Offers a powerful Contact Lists Management.
  • Seamlessly Integration with Bulk Mailer
  • Flexible: is able to imports email addresses from various sources such as Excel, Microsoft Outlook, CSV, Windows Address Book, or a text file.
  • It allows also to import email addresses from external sources using ODBC/OLEDB: MS SQL, Access, Oracle, Dbase, Paradox, and Foxpro.
  • You can exports email addresses to Excel, a text file, or external sources.
  • Every operation has its own detailed log.

Contact Lists Operations:

  • Extract Good/Bad, Subscribed/Unsubscribed email addresses
  • Remove duplicates email addresses
  • Merge/Split lists
  • Extract email addresses from specified domain
  • Remove email addresses contained in other list
  • Find addresses from both lists 

Email Verifier speeds up considerable the process validation. The utility makes it possible to remove about 80% of "bad" and invalid e-mail addresses. This program works exactly as an SMTP Server: it extracts MX-Records from a DNS Server. It connects to SMTP servers and simulates the sending of a message.

It is essential to remove undeliverable email addresses and keep a clean mailing list.


Make sure you have access to SMTP 25 port . In case you work under a firewall, you can use socks proxy server or install Email Verifier on VPS/Dedicated Windows server or use a special Email Verifying Script.Pay attention that the speed may vary. It depends on your Internet connection and your computer. Some firewall, antivirus or security software as for example Norton Antivirus, Panda, Zone Alarm, and other can reject access to the Internet. First, allow Email Verifier to connect to the Internet.

Download :

Link1     or    Link2   or     Link3   or  Link4    or     Link5   

or   [MIRRORS]

Password: www.H4ck3rcracks.com

(c is small and h is big )

How To Install and Crack Or Patch?

Note: You Should Have Winrar Installed to extract downloaded file.

Steps To Crack:

1) install the program
2) open crack folder , copy common.dll and replace it in c:/program files/Live Email Verifier Professional 6.0/
3) open the program and you,ev done.


Steps to patch:

1) install the program.
2) open patch folder turn antivirus off and run Email.Verifier.Professional.6.3.4273.21081.exe and click on patch.
3) Now you,ve done patch completed run program :p

Hope It Helped You Alot Plz Comment Rate and Share :)

Zulqurnain jutt( www.H4ck3rcracks.com )


  1. Now all the links are working and redirection error is fixed , sory for late service ,, if direct not working try ,, mirror link !!!! thanks JOE For your kind contact ..

  2. hello, i need one email verifier, i tried to follow the above instruction to download the cracked prog. on my computer but it is not successful. Pls guide me to: anar0088@gmail.com

  3. Dude, thanks so much! You're version works fine although I had to search for the password! Thanks Thanks and Many thanks again! You're Awsome

  4. Thanks buddy..........
    It works for me.
    Thanks a lot,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  5. Can you please give me the password for the zip file?

  6. www.H4ck3rcracks.com
    this is password

  7. What is the password for email verifier?

  8. Hello! I have installed the programm + crack. The programm is registered. But still I get this message: 500 Trial Mode Limit You can verify only 20 email addresses per hour. Why is so if the version is registered?

  9. Here is the print screen.

  10. any solution to the registration number ?

  11. sorry this version is no longer working i'll update new email versifier 6.0 with crack soon

  12. ello! I have installed the programm + crack. The programm is registered. But still I get this message: 500 Trial Mode Limit You can verify only 20 email addresses per hour. Why is so if the version is registered?

  13. Don't worry about warnings if your status is registered ,, you'll enjoy unlimited slot of email address try it.

  14. Understanding bar code and verifier technology. Click www.gofastek.com for more information.


  15. installed the program and applied the patch, then added module.dll into its folder, it works

  16. Not working for me. I tried twice using both, but it is still the same.

  17. download link not working...redirecting me to adf.ly(all of them)??

  18. yes it redirect to adf , just click skip ad after 5 sec waiting on that redirected page ,, then a real download page will open

  19. iamaissarivera29 Jan 2014 07:33:00

    this one is very informational and educational, thanks for providing this; helpful and useful, indeed.


  20. In one of the download links, I think in the Mirrors link, I choosed Ziddu, downloaded the file withow the Ziddu downloader (unmark), extracted everything, and followed the instructions within the txt file and everything worked fine! Thanks!

  21. I have downloaded the file and after clicking RUN, no response. I can see the application icon in the taskbar, but couldn't open or nothing

  22. download link not working. could u please send me the program? tnx

  23. my email: m_velayati61@yahoo.com

  24. Hi...

    None of the download link is working, can you plz send link to sunny1k85@gmail.com

  25. i used your pass but i don't open zip file. help me, please. Thank you.


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